Here is my small list of recommended blogs and books about competitive programming. Some of these are in Polish only, but their quality is very good and I have heard that some contestants successfully use automatic translation on them. If you want a longer and more detailed resource list, take a look at Awesome Competitive Programming compiled by Jasmine Chen.


  1. Algorithms Weekly by Petr Mitrichev
  2. Fajne zadania z algorytmiki i okolic by Paweł Gawrychowski PL
  3. Algorithms Live! by Matt Fontaine
  4. Errichto's YouTube channel by Kamil Dębowski


  1. Looking for a Challenge? The Ultimate Problem Set from the University of Warsaw Programming Competitions
  2. Looking for a Challenge 2 Problems from the Polish Collegiate Programming Contest 2011–2014
  3. Przygody Bajtazara 25 lat Olimpiady Informatycznej. Wybór zadań PL
  4. Competitive Programmer's Handbook by Antii Laaksonen (GitHub source)
  5. Zaprzyjaźnij się z algorytmami by Jacek Tomasiewicz (for beginners) PL

Books on computers in general and history of computers:

  1. CODE. The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold
  2. Innovators by Walter Isaacson

Problems from Polish competitions

Below are links to lists of problems from Polish competitions. For most of the problems there is a link to online judge, as well as links to official materials, articles or videos containing hints or solutions to the problem.

  1. Polish Olympiad in Informatics

Contests and online judges

Here is an (incomplete) list of online contests I have participated in. On some online judges you can find me under a handle “monsoon”.

  1. Codeforces (my account)
  2. Topcoder (my account)
  3. Sphere Online Judge (my account)
  4. Saratov State University Online Contester (my account)
  5. Solve System 3
  6. Satori Testing System